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Ten things you need to know about Bitcoin

20 Feb 2018

The volatility of the value of Bitcoin and the concern of financial regulators continues to make headlines but what do you need to know about Bitcoin? The following relates to individual investors and unincorporated businesses.

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Is your Board fit for purpose?

8 Feb 2018

Whether you are a third sector organisation, public body or private sector enterprise, when did you last give a thought as to whether your Board, be it a management or governance board, is fit for purpose?

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Are you thinking of employing temporary or seasonal staff?

11 Dec 2017

Automatic enrolment duties will apply even if you employ just one person. As part of their ongoing duties, employers need to continually assess existing and new staff to work out who to put into a workplace pension scheme. It’s important for employers to be aware that this applies to all staff, including short term, seasonal, and temporary staff.

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