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From being out of the race to ahead of the field as sportswear business turns to covid-19 protective clothing

Posted on 6th May 2020 - News

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Resource Direct UK Ltd is the UK agent for Polygiene, a Swedish company that specialises in stay fresh technology, which helps to keep textiles, including sportswear, fresh and odour free.

However, like many other businesses, lockdown resulted in a slowdown in orders, with the temporary closure of those in the supply chain and retail outlets.

The business though is now experiencing increasing demand for its new specialist virus guard, ViralOff. Developed by Polygiene, ViralOff is applied to fabric and helps protect those wearing treated fabrics and protective clothing from Covid-19. ViralOff is being used on personal protective equipment and scrubs for healthcare workers, doctors, nurses and first responders.

ViralOff builds on Polygiene’s established track record for successfully developing and producing protective surface applications to guard against viruses. In fact, the business was established in 2004 following its work relating to SARS. The company re-visited this earlier work along with that it carried out relating to Bird Flu Influenza and Hepatitis. As a result, it has been successful in rapidly developing the new anti-viral treatment technology and brand ViralOff which was launched on 7th April, only days after the UK lockdown was put in place.

When developing ViralOff, the company had two criteria it wanted to fulfil. Firstly, that they should be able to show a real anti-viral effect that could be tested by a standard test. Secondly, primary treatment would be applied to products where it is relevant to have an anti-viral effect both for products in the care sector, as well as for the public in environments where protection is needed. 

ViralOff is not intended to prevent disease, it is used for protection of the treated product. According to Polygiene, ViralOff has over a 99% reduction of viruses in two hours according to a standard ISO18184:2019 test.

Stephen Hobday, Managing Director of Resource Direct UK Ltd, commenting on ViralOff and its role in dealing with Covid-19 said: “We are delighted to be the UK representative for Polygiene and for ViralOff. It is great to see how quickly the business was able, by drawing on its expertise, to develop, test and launch such a product to help manage the spread of coronavirus and to safeguard the lives of those working on the frontline. 

“As we move to an easing of lockdown and a return to business, we believe ViralOff has a much wider commercial application which will help a broad range of manufacturers of clothing and not just protective equipment. We are delighted to have been able to fulfil an order for Burberry’s mask production. 

“Certainly, the idea that we would not be busy during lockdown seems now not to be the case with a host of manufacturers now interested in ViralOff and its anti-viral application for a wide range of wearable fabrics and furnishings.

“As the UK government starts to ease lockdown, we envisage an increased interest and demand for ViralOff as businesses look for solutions and ways to protect and safeguard workers.”

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