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Smart wristband could be a real aid in helping employers with COVID security

Posted on 13th May 2020 - News

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As this week started to see an easing of the lockdown, many businesses will be considering their return to work plans to ensure that the workplace and working practices are COVID secure.

Certainly, ensuring how social distancing is adhered to will be near the top of the list. This is where Tended has taken the lead. Having developed wearable solutions for health and safety applications, the company has been able to use its existing technology and adapt it to help address the social distancing challenge among employees and their colleagues and customers.   

Tended’s social distancing solution is designed to keep employees a safe distance apart when they are at work. It combines their existing wrist-wearable device and online dashboard with an ultra-wideband proximity tag to provide very high levels of location accuracy. If two workers come within a set distance of each other, the wearable will vibrate on their wrist, notifying them to move away. While the intention is there for people to keep their distance, it can be difficult to maintain. By wearing Tended’s specially-developed wristband, employers can help to enforce social distancing measures and reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

It is believed the wristbands will provide a much-needed solution to a wide range of businesses across industry sectors. A move which could help businesses reopen while addressing social distancing concerns and providing peace of mind to their workforce.

Employers can also use Tended’s solution to track any distance breaches in their company, giving them the opportunity to take action and address the situation in a timely and efficient manner. If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, they can add this information to their app, notifying their employer who can then trace contact or potential exposure to this individual. Such information will be valuable in safeguarding workers and advising on the need for self-isolation or further testing for any individuals at risk.

It should be noted in terms of privacy and security, Tended’s wristbands cannot be used to track employee whereabouts. The wearer’s location is only shared in critical situations, such as them having an accident.

Commenting on the exciting development, Leo Scott Smith, CEO at Tended, said: “We wanted to see if we could leverage our existing technology to lessen the impact of the pandemic and help companies get back on their feet. We knew it would need to be very accurate and reliable, given the seriousness of the situation.

“Our Minimum Separation Distance technology not only ensures the safety of employees at work but can also see many businesses start to trade once again.

“We believe technology will provide the means to get the world moving again, and also keep people safe. We’re looking at fast development and deployment because we know we need to act now.”

Businesses and organisations looking to find out more about Tended’s social distancing solution should contact their sales department by emailing or call +44 330 133 1195.

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