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Should I upgrade my Sage or even switch providers?

Posted on 4th August 2017 by Alexis Outram - What's trending?

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Should I upgrade my Sage – existing Sage users using older versions of Sage

If you are using an older version of Sage you are likely to have been emailed, phoned and written to by Sage about another amazing upgrade offer. We are all aware these once in a lifetime offers come around a lot – especially if you are using a very old version of Sage and you refuse to by cover or upgrade…but this time should you at least think about it?

Let’s explore the options:

If you are using Sage v2015 or below then this will be one of the last upgrade via cover offers – after this all users will have to sign up to a monthly subscription.

Some of you already pay Sage monthly – so isn’t this the same thing? No - this is different to paying for your cover contract monthly. With cover you own the software and spread the cost of cover over 12 months, like an insurance. With subscription you only ‘rent’ the software – like with ‘Sky TV’ so if you stop paying you no longer have access.  If you continue to use Sage this isn’t such a big difference – but if you ever want to stop using Sage it is a HUGE difference.

So, should you upgrade?

  • If you plan to stick with Sage in the foreseeable future – maybe as it avoids having to go onto subscription straight away.
  • If you are going to migrate to another system in the foreseeable future and would like to keep a copy of Sage that is your own for historical purposes – maybe, depending on what you do with the historical data*. If you don’t upgrade and subsequently have to go to subscription then you won’t have access to your Sage if you stop paying for subscription.

*when migrating to another accounting package it is often possible to move your Sage history into the new system.

Should you speak to us about it? Yes – get in contact with your usual Streets contact and find out more, but first have a read of the second part of this article on what you might be missing out on if you stay on Sage desktop software…

Should I upgrade? Should I change?

The evolving world of accounting software

Accounting software is undergoing a massive change at the moment. Now I don’t for one minute pretend that the advances in accounting software are as exciting as the changes in other technology – I’ve never seen people fighting over new accounting software the way you see people fighting for wide screen TV’s on Black Friday. I’m also yet to see people queue on the street overnight for an accounts upgrade, but there are significant changes afoot and this is putting pressure on all of the software houses to up their game. Competition is a strong driver for development and competition is nearly always good for the consumer.

This change has come from Cloud based accounting software like Xero and QBO utilising new technology to shake up the profession. So what’s new in the world of accounting software? Let’s take a look.

The language

First rest assured no one had changed debits and credits – but one massive change is the focus on making software easier to use – the complicated concepts of double entry bookkeeping have been replaced with language everyday business owners can use – bank payments, bank receipts, spend money, bills etc.

Access to information

If you can login on your phone / laptop and see your bank statements then you should be able to see your bank statements straight in your accounting software – that’s the new normal. It saves you time, makes it quicker to keep your records up to date and helps you keep an eye on credit control and debt collection.

Easy expense claiming

Buy a train ticket, snap a picture on your phone and upload your expenses straight into your accounting software (with approval levels for your staff expenses). Finally a use for your phone camera that doesn’t involve selfies!

Ditch the files and go paperless

Finally! Stop printing and filing copies of purchase invoices – scan copies and upload them or email them straight to your software.

Free your accounts – work on the go

I hate the idea of working on the beach – the beach is for relaxing or digging a giant hole – but I do love the idea of being able to log into my accounts wherever I need to. If you are lucky enough to have your own bookkeeper this may be allowing them to work offsite without complicated connection issues. If you run the business and have to do your own accounts then access anytime is even more useful - want to raise a few sales invoices on your iPad in front of the TV on a Tuesday evening, want to check who owes you money on your phone whilst waiting to collect your kids from a party, then you can.

If anything catches your eye and you want to know more please get in contact with Streets and ask about how Cloud Accounting might be the best change you can make for your business.


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