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Directors Conference

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We are delighted to be sponsoring the Directors Conference, brought to you by Human Alchemy and CityX.

This is a brand new event for Lincoln aimed at business leaders, senior executives and decision makers across the county and beyond. The full day conference will bring together a series of high-profile speakers and panelists to entertain and educate delegates, centralised around this year's theme 'The Power of Disruption'.

This conference is for guests to take time to consider what disruption has meant for their industry, the challenges it presents to their business and the opportunities it creates for their company.


James Sinclair - CEO of Partyman, Founder of Entrepreneurs Network & Renowned Business Speaker

Angela Andrews - CEO, City of Lincoln Council

Matt Chadder - CEO, Instinct Lab

Paul Barron - CEO & Co-Founder, Human Alchemy

Dawn Barron - CEO & Co-Founder, Human Alchemy

Neil Corner - Managing Director, Siemens Lincoln

Cllr Colin Davie - Executive Cllr, Economy & Place

Peter Watson - Managing Director, Distract

Elaine Lilley - Chief Executive, The EBP

Dean Graham - Founder and Publisher, CityX

Russell Copley - Managing Director, Greenborough


8.30am - 9.35am | Registration and Welcome

9.35am - 10.10am | Disrupting Business as Usual - Paul Barron

10.10am - 11am | Panel: The Changing Face of Lincoln - Dean Graham (Chair), Angela Andrews, Neil Corner, Russell Copley

11am - 11.25am | Refreshments

11.25am - 12.05pm | Keynote: Our Ability to Disrupt - Matt Chadder

12.05pm - 12.45pm | Ultimate Disruptors, Brexit & Trump - Cllr Colin Davie

12.45pm - 2pm | Lunch

2pm - 3pm | Keynote: Self Disruption to Stay Relevant - James Sinclair

3pm - 3.30pm | Refreshments

3.30pm - 4.25pm | Panel: Embrace your Disruptors - Dean Graham (Chair), Elaine Lilley, Dawn Barron, TBA

4.25pm - 4.50pm | Disruptive Marketing, What's Next? - Peter Watson

4.50pm - 5pm | Conference Wrap Up - Paul Barron

5pm - 6pm | Post Conference Drinks

Visit the Directors Conference website for more information and to buy your tickets