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Getting rid of old records

Posted on 22nd April 2016 by - Sage

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As time goes by we often end up with customers, suppliers or stock records we no longer require. If these records have ever had transactions posted to them they cannot be deleted but we do have two options as to how to remove them.

Permanent Removal

Records with transactions attached cannot be deleted. In order to delete old records you must first remove these transactions. Using the Clear Audit Trail will do this, but it means removing ALL transactions up to a certain date in order to remove the transactions from these records. This also means you lose all the transaction history from ALL the other records in order to achieve this. If you think it is time to clear out some old transactions talk to us (or Sage if you have a cover contract) for advice on this. This should only ever be run at year end.

Temporary Removal/ Hiding

Instead of deleting all of the transaction history, you can hide old records instead. This way you can view them again in the future if you ever need to, and you do not have to delete the transactions from other, current, records:

Example—Customers you no longer deal with

In the customer record card use one of the analysis fieldsto represent customer status, e.g. Analysis 3 on the default tab.

Enter a fixed word in here, such as OLD for each customer record you wish to hide from view.

Save the record and return to the main Customers screen. Note how, at the top right hand side of the customers screen it reads ‘All Records’.

At the bottom of the screen click on the Search button and create a search which will exclude the ‘OLD’ record, such as WHERE ANALYSIS 3 DOES NOT EQUAL OLD

(E.g. in the Join box select ‘Where’ from the drop down. From the Field list select Analysis 3, from
the Condition box select Is Not Equal To and in the Value box type ‘OLD’.)

Sage will now search for customer records Where Analysis 3 Is Not Equal To ‘OLD’. Click on Apply and then Close.

At the top of the customers screen it should let you how many records you are looking at., e.g. 102 of 103 records’. The hidden record is the one with ‘OLD’ in the Analysis 3 box.

You can use this approach in any record card, using any field. Analysis fields work well, but you could also use the Account Status in the credit control tab, or the category field within the stock records.

Batch Entry

To speed this process up you can highlight all the records you wish to mark as OLD and then click on Batch Change at the bottom of the screen and change the analysis 3 box for all these records at the same time.

For more information on the above or for an initial free consultation please contact Sarah,

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