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How to reverse an incorrect journal entry on Sage

Posted on 21st April 2016 by - Sage

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The most common journal error is posting on the wrong date. If you have ever entered a journal incorrectly on Sage, you will have noticed that it is not possible to simply just delete the entries and start again. However, by using the nominal reversal option, you can reverse the transaction quickly and easily.

Firstly, you need to know the details of what it is you want to reverse...

By looking at the audit trail you can make a note, or take a printout of the transaction numbers, date, department and reference of the incorrect journal. Then: 

  • In the Company module, in the Nominal Ledger section click on reversal icon.
  • When prompted we recommend you take a back up before proceeding
  • On the transaction range window, enter the required range of transaction numbers, date, posting reference or posting department for the reversal and click OK.
  • From the Nominal Reversals window, select the journal entries you wish to reverse then click reverse. 
  • To post the reversal click save.

Your journal is now reversed, cancelling the original entry.

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