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Choice of accounting system

Posted on 22nd April 2016 by

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One of the many decisions to be made on starting a business is about how you are going to keep your accounting records. The need for good record keeping undoubtedly is a key attribute for business success helping in the smooth and profitable running of any venture. Being on top of the figures can also make for a more effective working relationship with your accountants. There time with you being spent more on the business plans as opposed to sorting out poor record keeping.

The choice of system or method for keeping your accounting records will depend on a number of key issues not least the nature of your business, your appreciation and level of comfort over such matters, a desire to keep in control of your finances; as well as cost and time constraints. The easy answer for some may be to outsource the solution to a bookkeeper or accountant. In the main though most will look for an in house solution, through the use of either a paper based manual bookkeeping package, use of computerised spreadsheets or an off the shelf computerised accounting package.

When considering your own requirements it may well be beneficial to talk to your accountant to find out what they feel will suit you best. Experience shows that making the right choice over your accounting system makes running a business easier and the preparation of end of year accounts much simpler.

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