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5 good reasons to start a business in the current climate

Posted on 21st April 2016 by

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It is arguably perhaps not the best time to go it alone and start a new business, but there are some compelling reasons why the timing might be right. Perhaps some of the more obvious reasons are as follows:

A readymade market or business model

As many organisations, not least those in the public sector, look to restructure and divest themselves of certain services and activities, there is a real opportunity for individuals to switch from paid employment to self employment.

The chance then exists for individuals to be become a service provider for the work they used to do as employee. With some businesses looking to shed none core business then the opportunity to start a hive out business may also exist.

The world has changed and customers are looking for something different

Whether as a result of the economic downturn, shifts in social behaviour, or just a change in government, the country, even the world looks and feels very different to what it did, say 4 years ago. As result, not only are businesses looking for new products and services, but so are consumers, and new business opportunities are as strong as ever.

There are some good people out there

Recruiting good staff is never easy, but there does seem to be a good supply of talent out there with some very capable and accomplished people looking for work, whilst at the same time being available on probably more flexible terms and working hours than a few years ago.

A business off the shelf

For most there is a ‘light bulb’ moment where the germ of a business idea starts them on the road to enterprise. For others though, there is simply the desire to own and manage their own business, in such cases perhaps the idea of starting a franchise might be the one for them. Certainly for those that might have a lump sum of money to invest this franchise model can prove attractive.

Taking control of your destiny

In what seems to be an ever changing world, the decision to go it alone can often provide a greater sense of security and certainty as you are ultimately in charge of your own destiny.

Finally, it is easy, whether in good or bad times, to put off the decision to start a new venture. Perhaps the overriding decider is having the entrepreneurial drive and courage to make the break. Certainly by drawing on the experience of a commercially minded accountant, the chance of success is significantly
enhanced and there is someone on hand to offer support and guidance.

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