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Buying a business is it for you?

We find that there is an awful lot of talk about business disposals and focus on sales, there is though, a perception that perhaps less consideration is given to buying businesses.

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The Importance of growth in SMEs

There is little argument that the UK’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will play a crucial role in the recovery of the UK economy. Many SMEs have growth potential, but since the banking crisis have found previous funding routes all but blocked.

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How to maximise the value of your business

All business owners will at some point wonder how much their business is worth, how they can increase its value and what do they need to do before any sale process commences to get their business into the right shape?

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Succession planning

For many family businesses the process of handing over the running of the business is a predetermined step; one day dad or mum retires and son or daughter takes over. This may be your approach to dealing with succession planning. It may not, however, always be the best or only option.

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