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There is cash in your business...if you know where to find it

It is widely reported that businesses are finding trading challenging with reduced working capital and access to cash placing even more of a strain. In the good times, it was easier for businesses to be more self financing and for external finance to be raised, this however does not seem to be the case today.

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Getting the best from your accountant

Most people see the role of their accountant as a necessary evil; they are needed to complete the accounts for Companies House or to calculate how much tax they have to pay. Indeed, to many businesses accountancy is an enforced cost, something that would be invested in were it for legislation or their fear of tax law.

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Strategic Planning - more than just a business plan sitting on the shelf collecting dust

In an environment of disruptive change, competition, globalization, and against the galloping pace of emerging technology, there’s no such thing as ‘business as usual’. Most organisations’ purpose, success factors, form and capabilities are being challenged and threatened. Add to that the demanding expectations from investors, business partners, suppliers, customers and employees, and the pressures on the business to perform can be intense. This often leaves business owners feeling in a rut or finding they don’t enjoy business as they once did.

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Why might your competitors be doing better than you?

Despite, the ever increasing number of downgrades for growth projections in the economy, there is evidence that businesses can, and are, bucking the trend. Having attended a number of events and discussion groups recently, where the focus has been on business issues and concerns, there does seem to be a common thread emerging whereby businesses, even in some of the more challenging sectors, are doing better than their competitors. Some might even be bold enough to state they are doing well.

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Retaining key employees

Is a share scheme the solution? Current economic trading conditions mean that now more than ever businesses need to both recruit and retain high calibre employees.

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