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Tips and Tricks for Sage Line 50

Posted on 27 Jan 2020 - Sage

1.     Customising columns

In each section of Sage you can customise the columns you see, instantly making it easier and quicker to keep control and up to date with information. Just right click the header bar to see a list of options you can turn on or off.

On the below we can see account BUS001 is due a credit review 01/02/20 to decide if their £4,000 credit limit is still agreeable along with their 2.5% discount rate.

sage line 50 1

You can also amend supplier invoice posting for example, clear columns you never touch!

sage line 50 2

2.     Lock Date - avoid backpostings!

Closed off a date period and prepared management accounts and now something has been posted late in that period and changed all your figures? Perfect solution - turn on the lock date feature in Sage so it stops people posting into a date range you’ve closed off.

Settings > Lock Date > Tick the box and enter date you’d like to close off.


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