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Internal audit

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In addition to external audit, our team of internal auditors undertake work on behalf of third sector organisations, including charities and Academies and also for commercial clients.

Internal audit is an independent discipline that seeks to add value by examining the way an organisation undertakes its business – the processes, systems, philosophies, culture decisions taken, etc. The objective is to eliminate waste, drive out inefficiency, improve effectiveness, add value and manage risk.

The primary function of our internal audit service is to review the whole system of internal control in order to provide assurance that:

  • Objectives, standards and procedures are clearly defined and properly established
  • Responsibilities for management and operational activities are clearly defined
  • There is an effective measurement of inputs, outputs and performance in relation to objectives and that corrective action is taken where appropriate
  • There is a critical review of objectives, operations, outputs and value for money
  • There is clear, accurate and timely reporting of financial and non-financial results and performance

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