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Exploring, navigating and understanding the complex landscape of property finance options can not only be time consuming, but hard to understand with the diverse range of financing options that are available in the market. 

It is essential from the outset for business owners to carefully evaluate their financing and find the right finance option for success and making informed decisions within the business. The most suitable finance option depends on factors such as the nature of the project, the financials and market conditions.

Whatever the investment goals and plans we can assist you in achieving them by exploring whole of market lending solutions before making a decision, as there may be more than one option available.  

Talk to one of our property experts and tell us what your plans and timescales are. We can discuss in more detail ongoing projects and new projects and work with you to give you tailored guidance and support you throughout the entire process.

Key areas we can support and assist you with: 

Commercial Mortgages

Typically a medium to long term loan for the purpose of purchasing assets such as an office building, industrial warehouse, retail premises, care home or to acquire an existing business.

Property Investment Portfolio Mortgages

An investment property portfolio is a single property or collection of properties that may be owned by an individual, group of individuals or a company for the purpose of generating a source of income building wealth over time. These can be residential, commercial or mixed use.

Bridging Loans

Bridging Loans offer quick access to bridge a gap most commonly for the purchase of a property where a short term solution is required, where an exit exists be that a sale or restructuring on to a longer term solution.

Development Loans

Property development finance is used for the purpose of funding land acquisition, developing sites for the construction of new or refurbished existing residential, commercial or mixed use property supporting the associated costs. Funds can be drawn down in stages supporting the project from start to finish.

Reviewing existing  loan terms

When did you last revisit the terms of any existing loans you might have? Our team is on hand to check whether these are competitive in the current market and that they work for you to achieve your objectives.

For further information please contact Martyn Shakespear, Head of Banking & Finance at or Tina Hayes, Associate Director, Banking & Finance at

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